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Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Hardware 3.1 256GB Usb Drive Evaluate

Next up Dino&Number8217s report on the Supersonic Fury 2 is really a more modern Supersonic Purchase thumb drive from Patriot. Nowadays i will be studying the Supersonic Magnum 2, a Flash 3.1 Age bracket 1 thumb drive obtainable in often 256GB or 512GB with warp speed quick transfer data transfer rates. This review is since the 256GB taste. Professionally, It&Number8217s outstanding knowing adobe flash hard drives on this level of specifications exist. Allow&Number8217s fit it over the paces and discover the actual way it works!

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Technical specs boasting

This usb flash drive, we&#8217re relayed through Patriot, utilizes a Phison S8 controller with MLC NAND. This is an 8-station NAND controlled, allowing for excessive numbers of throughput, which can be how Patriot has been able a 400MBOrazines study and 300MBAndersus publish rate standing. The in reverse and dis os match ups, combined with warranty (a few years), about the Magnum 2 are literally stellar.

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The specifications featuring down below arrive straight from the Patriot web site and also the PDF they connection to .

Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Technical specs and Features

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 USB 3.1 Age bracket. 11 . usb drive delivers unheard of performance in a very stylish variety issue with memories up Buy to 512GB. A durable aluminium enclosure enables shock level of resistance around 15Gs to make certain better safety of your respective data.

Hardware 3.1 technologies permits the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 to pulled ahead of USB 2. pushes by up to ten times. This enables a 2GB document can transfer in a mere just a few seconds back and forth from the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2. By incorporating one particular-chip Universal serial bus 3.1 display memory space operator with 8-Route technology, this usb flash drive provides consecutive understand efficiency at quickens to 400MBPerersus read and 300MBVersusazines publish.

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 USB 3. usb drive comes in 256GB and 512GB volumes and has a 5-calendar year extended warranty.

It works with Windows®10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista®, Windows® Experience points, Windows® 2016, Windows® ME, A linux systemunix 2.4 online and later, Mac® OS9, Times and later on.

3 .The terms Universal serial bus 3.1 Gen 1 and Flash 3. are associated

Retail store Wrapping

The product packaging for your Magnum 2 is a pretty regular sore group. It has the simple requirements within the front and displays the product or service. Converting it around the backed has some information regarding warranty and match-ups, social media marketing Website&#8217s, along with a UPC. This packaging is clearly designed to be shown on coat hangers inside a shop too, it will be brilliant to view these to all stores transporting flash hard drives.

Full price Presentation &#8211 Top

Retail store Packaging &#8211 Back

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2

Ideas carry our initial maximum glance at the Magnum 2. The key body is extruded, anodized light weight aluminum with white lettering printed on it. Taking out the cap we have seen the Universal serial bus 3.1 Form-A connection that is utilized to interface with the units. The tip parts and also the cycle within this travel are plastic material, but they appear to be amazingly solid. I probably have it is built to past.

Magnum 2 &Number8211 The front


All of the criteria observed underneath are function using the Supersonic Magnum 2 plugged into the backed Hardware 3.1 port with the motherboard. Just before screening the generate was rapid formatted to exFAT with the go delinquent allowance dimensions to ensure anything was and also steady.

CrystalDiskMark (CDM) is given at its common adjustments. The nice thing about this standard is the information is completely incompressible. This will make these checks much more a real-world scenario rather than looking to maximize throughput for any specification page. The Magnum 2 executed wonderfully here even though with step by step flows drawing near the specification! Sequential is currently writing have been also remarkable, specifically for a thumb drive. Last but not least the 4K study data transfer speeds were being good, but 4K compose speeds kept some thing for being sought after.

AS Solid state drive is binge eating . on the market and exhibits an incredibly comparable story on the CDM results earlier mentioned. Consecutive rates were near the scored data transfer speeds, but 4K overall performance kept one thing to be preferred. The Produce Gain access to There was a time also very substantial at nearly .1 seconds.

Finally up in our analyze collection is High definition Beat Master. Get analyze together with the Arbitrary information design, this demonstrates more true-world data than a regular flow of the identical compressible info. At the same time a bit sluggish versus the graded features the Magnum 2 organized very well to the test. We see a primarily clean read and write graph within this check also, which suggests there aren&Number8217t issues with temperature within this check.

High-definition Track Seasoned Effects

ATTO Computer Benchmark is often made use of by companies to display their drive technical specs since it makes use of compressible data within a continuous test similar to AS SSD does. With that being said, the Magnum 2 only didn&Number8217t reach its specifications on this examination. This stunned me due to the fact AS SSD acquired these kinds of large results.

Contrast Data

Like a &#8220baseline&#8221 to compare the Cheap Magnum 2 with I pulled out my trusty 32gb SanDisk Serious Universal serial bus 3. Thumb Drive. That is a flash drive i&#8217ve utilized because July of 2016. Results in the charts are stabilized on the Patriot memory stick amounts, in order that they all present 100%. All effects except the Gain access to Time are &#8220higher is better&#8221, individuals are &#8220lower is much better&Number8221.

CDM &Number8211 Read Graph

Like a next comparison a genuine entire world circumstance was contacted. A back up directory from my web server was copied to each memory stick and timed, which means you result’s &#8220lower is better&Number8221. By my stop-watch the Magnum 2 concluded the transfer in 13:43.58 (millimeters:dure) as the Sandisk finished in 5:42.84. The file is 5.50GB possesses 6,670 information in 1,080 files, validating our man-made final results that little file effectiveness is sub-contract-level.


Total it may be seen that the Magnum 2 is often a blazing fast usb drive when used for significant document transport, but droplets the ball on modest documents, specifically 4k reads and publishes articles. Arriving a well constructed housing is a wonderful characteristic and the shapes of 256GB and 512GB leave more than enough room to transport big collections of audio, motion pictures, or any other media. The only real damaging will be able to discover this is actually the tiny data file avana apartments prices functionality, however the over-all velocity with this drive and the opportunity to select anything this fast into any laptop or computer is more compelling than this over the internet as data files are getting to be more substantial over time.

Currently I am able to only find the Magnum 2 memory stick on Patriot&#8217s internet site. The cost is complete MSRP of Buck129.99, on the other hand&Number8217m sure it is going to enroll in other age-tailers before too much time. This isn&#8217t an affordable product or service the slightest bit, but evaluating to other blood loss-edge expensive hard drives this price tag is apparently similar to the industry. I&Number8217ll give this place an authorized stamp since it offers on each of the details it needs to ability and consecutive rate.
Go through the seal of approval on an description of what this signifies.

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